Friday, June 01, 2007

With a melon?!?

Another week in the books and what a week it has been. Nothing really stood out as wrong, but Monday through Wednesday I was absolutely not with it. Periodically, although it seems more often than not lately, I go through these periods of low ambition. It could be burn out from pushing myself to hard, it could be a complete lack of interest in what is going on in my life. Whatever the cause, I have a hard time being motivated to do anything. Read, listen to music, throw myself into optional projects at work, etc. Days like yesterday and today make up for it. I throw myself head long into life and get things done. If I had more days like this I could TAKE. OVER. THE. WORLD. BWHAHA BWHAHA BWHAHAHAHAHAHA.


I'm feeling much better now.

Oh, and could everyone take a step back and reevaluate their driving practices. Seriously, 50% of the accidents that happen could be avoided if we all drove like we cared a bit. Get off my bumper, use your signal, and stop when the light is red. That's all I ask. Don't get me started about motorcyclists either. That's a blog post for another day.

"It's a good thing we didn't say anything about the knife"