Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Perhaps I'll start updating more often. Not likely though. Work keeps me pretty busy and coming home all I want to do is crash. This weekend I'm working overtime AND I have to work yard cleanup in somehow.

I have an interview for a helpdesk position at a hospital in town. I've been working helpdesk/deskside install for 6 years now. I have a MCP in Windows 2000 and my A+ certification as well as a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems. I'm also just an all around geek when it comes to computers. In addition to sometimes blogging I run a webcast at

I starting the first week of running in my workout program today. This week is a half hour of alternating 2 minutes running and 4 minutes walking. I make it through 3.5 sets of running and walked the rest. It wasn't my lack of lung strength that kept me out of the run, it was my legs not used to being punished. I'm just hoping in the long run this will help me out.

Hey, if you want to check out a real good blog try The guy rocks as a writer.

Just finished up watching Smallville. I'm really getting hooked on the show this season. If you haven't seen it yet I apologize, but I thought it was so cool to see Jor-El do something Clark hasn't: FLY!

I'm a comic book geek too.

This blog is being brought to you from a laptop on a wireless connection. Now you might say this isn't anything to write home about as wireless is popping up everywhere. The cool part is having a laptop with built in wireless. I would love to own it, too back it's a company loaner. I like being able to connect from anywhere in the house. If anyone wants to donate a laptop or money for a laptop, please let me know:)

Well Angel is on the new WB Wednesday so I better stop for now. Don't want to get too disjointed in my posting.