Tuesday, October 12, 2004

One. . .oh one. . .the only way is one

I'm not getting up any earlier than I was, but working out in the morning has this knack for making one feel tired. Currently I'm waiting for a fire drill to begin at work. Other than that it seems to be a bland day. I'm not complaining about that either.

So I started working out again after four monthes of down time. I'm easing into it so I don't feel sore, though my legs are more tired than normal. It's gray outside, which is how I imagine the perfect fall day. Cool weather, just cool enough you need a long sleeve shirt or sweater. The sky is gray and unforgiving, providing the perfect background for the rainbow of colors each tree provides. It's the kind of day I want to sit out on a porch or deck with a good book or magazine and a cup of hot coffee.

Better yet, I think a laptop with wireless and a good connection would work too. Either way it wouldn't be here. I hate slow days.