Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How low can you go?

This is quoted from an article on a local newsite:

"Staff members at Children's Hospital huddled with sick youngsters and waited in vain for help to arrive as looters tried to break through the locked door, Blanco spokeswoman Denise Bottcher told the newspaper. Neither the police nor the National Guard arrived"

The article is here:

It didn't take long. When established authority is gone or helpless anarchy rushes in the fill the void. Much like the water that rushed out of the sky and ocean to wreak havoc, the looters are out in force. Granted it is probably a small number of the total population that has instigated this despicable behavior. It is unfortunate in these times of pain and suffering that anyone would stoop so low. It really doesn't give much credit to humanity to know this is how we face adversity and hardship.

For those in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas my heartfelt prayers go out for you in this time of trouble. For those of you who have taken this opportunity to "better" yourselves, may God have mercy on your souls.