Sunday, June 08, 2008

Day 21

And the weekend is a wrap.

It feels more like late August than early June outside. I'm not a big fan of heat. I produce more than enough of my own, so adding on outside heat is just a recipe for being uncomfortable.

I learned two things about music criticism this week. The first points directly to the band Weezer. They just released their latest album, the third self titled album dubbed the 'Red' album, this past Tuesday. Reviews of the album seem to be divided with a few more positive reviews than negative. The one universal of criticizing Weezer is: Does it have the 'Weezer' sound? Which really means: Does it sound like their first two albums? The heaviest negative reviews are of their last three albums before 'Red.' Most cite cliche lyrics, pop tendencies, and over all non-creative writing. I picked up those albums('Green,' 'Maladroit,' and 'Make Believe') and I don't see it. They aren't the 'Blue' album or 'Pinkerton,' but I thought they were pretty decent.

This leads to my second point. I guess I just don't have the discerning tastes I thought I had.