Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Your Attention Please for this Important Message

There is a looming worldwide crisis. Crops around the world are already down in production. We've had major flooding in the United States that will impact production of key crops even further. The price of food has increased 80% since 2005. Across the globe people are being force to spend more of what they don't have to survive. Many children are starving. Some are blessed enough to be fed by charitable organizations. However, prices are getting higher, pay is getting lower, and charitable organizations are going additional resources.

What is causing this?

Fuel prices are going up. This impacts the transportation of food to the people that need it as well as the production of food at factories that use the fuel to run. Competition between countries that are growing industrially and countries that are well entrenched in their fuel use are only going to drive the prices higher.

Food production is down. Natural disasters including flooding, hurricanes, and earth quakes have devastated crops.

Populations are growing which causes greater demand.

Interest in developing biofuel diverts crop resources.

We Need You

We have opportunities to help. Earlier this year I wrote about the price I wasn't paying to be a follower of Christ. At that time I started looking into Compassion International and the work they are doing to help children and their families around the world. They offer opportunities to sponsor children in some of the poorest areas of the world. The money goes to meet the practical needs of the children in food, clothing, and education.

Now they are setting up a fund to help fend off the coming global food crisis. This is a great opportunity to help out of your wealth. Perhaps you feel you cannot afford to sponsor a child right now, but you can help out in with smaller donations. This is a great opportunity for you. The money donated to this fund will go to buy food vouchers for children in the hardest hit areas of the world. It will go to buy seeds and tools for local families so they can grow food for themselves as well as food to sell so they can earn more money. It will go to supplement nutritional requirements at Compassion centers around the world. These centers are already serving children and in some case are the only source of food for these children.

Compassion has also set aside tomorrow, June 25th 2008 as a day of fasting and prayer. If you cannot give money, please consider joining in with others to pray for the upcoming food crisis and the impact we can have in the lives of people all over the world.

We sometimes forget that serving and loving others is more than providing just the Gospel, we have to meet the physical and practical needs of the world as well.

For more information on sponsoring a child: http://www.compassion.com

For more information on the coming crisis: http://www.compassion.com/sponsordonor/global-food-crisis/default.htm

For more information on or to contribute to the fund:

For more information on the day of fasting and prayer:

This a little bit of change from what I normally write, but it is important. There will be future posts on this organization as well as other organizations in the future.

Coming Soon: My thoughts on the 30 day challenge.