Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cost? Pt. 2

We give to our church on a regular basis. We hold around $35,000 in nothing but consumer debt. That debt could be paid of faster if we didn’t give at all, but I know the money is going to support other church plants in other cities that need to hear God’s word. I know that the money is going overseas to missionaries and funds to help people that truly know poverty. I wish we could give more.

I wish we were financially able to support a child through Compassion International. We just paid our last car payment and after a month or two I think we’ll be in a place to do just that.

There are people who are dying around the world because of poverty. I live in a country where I can run up $35,000 in CONSUMER DEBT in the blink of an eye. I have a few, or more than a few, extra pounds so I’m obviously not starving. For all of my complaint about the amount of pay I make or don’t make, not having had a raise in 3 years, I’m still making out pretty well. So well in fact that I can afford $20 a month for music, not to mention the used books and games I occasionally buy.

Yeah, I’m paying a huge cost.