Friday, March 21, 2008


What now?

I. . .WE gave it all up to follow you and for what?

Trapped in a town far away from home. Condemned as outcasts. Our own people won't even accept us. You were our hope. You promised a new kingdom. You said it was here, now. Why aren't we planning the revolution? You had the people. You had the passion. We would have died for you, for freedom, but you are the one laying in the grave.

We're scared and alone.

We should have known. The past week has been a blur. They welcomed you with open arms, laid down palm branches in your path. Caesar marched his army in the same day and didn't get the same praise and adoration.

Then the temple incident, the fig tree, and the passover meal. It all seems so surreal. Then that night in the garden. Peter reached out to defend you and you rebuked him. You REBUKED him.

Peter said the trial was a sham.


You had the power to stop it. And Pilate up there all high and mighty. "I wash my hands" indeed. He knew and he did nothing to stop it.

Why the beatings? Why the degradation? Why the cross? Why? Why? WHY?!?

What are we supposed to do? We gave it all up and now . . . now we have nothing. NOTHING!

What have we done?