Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 3 - Oh the things you'll learn

I don't know how long I've been using Blogger, but I'm just now figuring out how to utilize the 'Title' box. Boy I'm getting quick in my old age.

Now for a new feature that I will hopefully make a regular feature.

Album/CD you need to listen to #1

The Avett Brothers - 'Emotionalism'

Alt-country, grunge-grass, and punk-country are all adjectives often used to try and describe the Avett Brothers. Seth and Scott Avett seamlessly combine americana instrumentation and harmonies with a punk spirit that takes the listener on one heck of a ride. 'Emotionalism' is my first exposure to the Avetts and I can't stop listening.

The opening track, 'Die Die Die,' with its upbeat banjo and tight harmonies are just the tip of the iceberg. Forewarning the album is all over the board, but I find that to be part of its charm. When they aren't throwing down laid back country, 'Paranoia in B-Flat Major,' 'I Would Be Sad,' and 'Go To Sleep,' they mix it up with some ballads, 'The Ballad of Love & Hate,' 'Shame,' and 'Hand-Me-Down-Tune.' Throw into that mix some upbeat bluegrashish music in 'Die Die Die,' 'Will You Return,' and 'Pretty Girl from San Diego.'

Even within songs they throw some curve balls. 'Salina' starts out slow, changes up to an up tempo country piece, and then ends on another slow note. 'Pretty Girl from Chile' makes at least two, if not three style changes throughout.

This isn't a band or an album that can be easily categorized. Many reviewers are quick to point out this is their most polished album. I've only heard two of their other albums. I'm not sure I would call those albums unpolished as much as I would point out each album has its own vibe built around some similar, basic themes.

All in all it isn't an album for everyone, but it is an album you should listen to at least once.

Will You Return - The Avett Brothers