Monday, May 19, 2008

Day One: Twenty-nine to go

So this is the beginning of the grand experiment. I'm going to try and write at least one entry a day each day for the next thirty days. Topics will vary. Some posts will be meaningful, some will be funny, some will be deep, some will be filler.

I'm off of a weeks of vacation and back in the real world as of today. Vacation went pretty good. I detached myself from the computer for almost a full week, only checking personal email once in that time period. I picked up a new Moleskine notebook and started to do some writing in my free time. The net result is one and a half articles and the beginnings of a book in mind. I hope that by writing here on a regular basis I'll be able to stir up my creative side and get more ideas going.

Other high points from last weeks:

-We took some time and saw 'Iron Man' this past weekend.

-I got to visit with my best friend Saturday night.

-I lost a round of mini-golf.

-We got to stay at a beautiful bed and breakfast with a very personable hostess.

-I picked up Casino Royale and the first season of This American Life used on DVD for good prices.

I also learned that no matter how I try to rationalize liking my job, it doesn't make it necesarily true. I have plenty of good days, but I was unconsciously stressed out yesterday knowing that I would be going to work today. As I stated in my last entry I feel like I have no direction at the moment. I don't know if I need to stay in computers, look to start a writing career, find a job in radio/music/music production, or look to a completely different direction. It's very frustrating and it is causing me a large amount of heart burn both figuratively and literally.

Strange days indeed.